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Fields of Madness is a collection of previously unreleased music and songs. An organic mix of pianos, vintage synthesizers and vocal collaborations, the music ranges from ethereal beauty to the dark and disturbed. Drawing heavily on Toydrum’s film work, the EP is deeply and, unsurprisingly, cinematic in texture and tone. 

A driving Krautrock groove with a thunderous Gothic vocal, ‘How do you know?’ features Toydrum’s great friend and long-time collaborator, Alex Maas from the Black Angels. Written together 7 years ago, a beloved demo finally gets to see the light of day.

The collection of tracks also features a rework of a bootleg/remix Toydrum produced in 2012 of John Lennon’s ‘How Do You Sleep?’. James Bagshaw from the band Temples now provides the vocal to a string-driven tripped-out update.  

Released to limited-edition vinyl and digital on new label, Bold Model. Available now. 


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